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Badminton Nets

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  • Sale

    Badminton Net & Post Outdoor

    Yonex badminton net & posts outdoor set starting from $25!

    • Set includes: badminton net, posts for outdoor set up
    • Made out of Alloy metal with spikes to secure into grass with tie downs
    • net 20ft long (standard size for a regular badminton court size)

    Optional Add-On:

    • 2 x Gongke 4U Graphite badminton rackets, strung at 24lbs, available in yellow & blue colors!
    • 1/2 dozen nylon shuttlecocks

    Optional Upgrade:

    • AOPI AP253 Standard badminton net
      – Material:Nylon Thick wire
      – Diameter: 1.2mm
      – Net Length: 6.1 meters; Width: 0.76 meters
      – Mesh: 1.8cmX1.8cm
    • Yonex AC141L Professional badminton net
    $35.00 $25.00
  • Sale

    Portable Badminton Net. Outdoor Badminton Net Kit.


    • Outdoor Badminton Net Kit
    • Steel Badminton Net Posts
    • Carrying Case

    DIMENSIONS: 3.75′ x 12.2′ x 5.1′ | 1.14m x 3.72m x 1.55m


    $99.99 $69.00
  • badminton-net-ac141ex-main

    Yonex AC141 Badminton Net

    Standard badminton net length.

    Made in Taiwan

    **Free shipping to Canada on orders $200 or more. Free shipping to United States on orders $250 or more. Click here for more info.**


    $85.00 $75.00
  • Indoor & Outdoor Badminton Portable Badminton Net Post

    Great for any flooring. Gym Floor, Grass, Concrete. Easy to store.
    Includes a bag so you can carry it around.


    Height = 1.15-1.55 m

    Width = 3.0m

    Weight approx.= 4.3 kg