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    Yonex Power Cushion 65 X Men Indoor Court Shoe

    Description: Improved fit and better stability on landing for quicker, sharper movement.

    Colour: Black/Red

    P.U. Leather
    Polyester Mesh

    Midsole: E.V.A.

    Outsole: Rubber

    Product Technology:

    Power Cushion+:

    By adding a special elastic resin to POWER CUSHION, while maintaining the conventional lightweight properties, high shock absorption is realized. Grooves designed in a lattice pattern, with optimum spacing and depth, achieve further resilience.

    Compared with conventional POWER CUSHION, the new POWER CUSHION + boasts 25% more shock absorption and 12% more repulsion.

    ToughBird Light:

    toughbrid light

    ToughBrid Light retains the exact performance as ToughBrid yet is 11%* lighter, generating a significant reduction in leg and knee stress. *Tested by YONEX*

    Toe Assist Shape:

    A toe-centric design that cuts down on pressure in the big toe, as well as offering improved support at the mid-foot and heel for a stable fit. Power loss is reduced, allowing for swift footwork.

    YONEX Synchro-Fit:

    YONEX Synchro-Fit Insole construction creates a secure contact between foot and shoe, reducing energy wastage through an improved fit.

    Fig 1. Compared with conventional badminton shoes, the mid to heel section on the insole is elevated to provide an improved fit between foot and shoe.

    Fig 2. By holding the heel firmly against the insole, the gap between foot and shoe is reduced, improving comfort and performance, ensuring the foot has maximum grip inside the shoe.

    Fig. 1synchro-fit insole1

    synchro-fit insole

    Fig. 2synchro-fit insole2

    ToughGuard^TM III


    Tough Guard III

    Three times stronger than ordinary synthetic leather and more resistant against heat for prolonged comfort and better performance.


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    $140.00 $120.00