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  • Wilson Burn 100 CV

    Call us for a demo racket today!

    The Burn continues to generate power to blast shots from the baseline, but now with a new design that amps up performance and looks. Added Countervail technology maximizes a player’s energy on every swing while a fresh aesthetic features a pure and simple design with engineered paint finishes, textures and an improved feel and design.

    Product Features:

    • Integrated Countervail technology maximizes energy
    • Versatile power
    • Traditional string pattern

    NOTE:  Pros often customize the racket they use. Racket specifications on endorsed consumer models may vary from the models used by Pros for match-play.

    Cross Section: 23-25-23 MM Dual Taper Beam

    Head Size: 100 sq. in.

    String Pattern: 16×19

    Unstrung Balance: 32 cm / 7 pts HL

    Unstrung Weight: 300

    Length: 27.0000

    Series: Burn


    Wilson Advisory Staff - Kei NishikoriKEI NISHIKORIWilson Advisory Staff - Pablo Carreno BustaPABLO CARRENO BUSTAWilson Advisory Staff - Simona Halep SIMONA HALEPWilson Advisory Staff - Elina SvitolinaELINA SVITOLINA

  • wilson-federer

    Roger Federer inspired recreational tennis racket.


    • Arc Technology
    • Perforated Grip
    • Power Strings and Stop Shock Pads
    • Strung


    Product SKU(s) WRT32480U2, WRT32480U3, WRT32480U4
    Cross Section 23MM U Beam
    Head Size 106 sq. in.
    String Pattern 16×20
    Unstrung Balance 3 Pts HL
    Strung Weight 295
    Length 69.0000
    $80.00 $60.00
  • wilson-hope

    Wilson makes a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation


    • Diamond Edge Design
    • Stop Shock Pads
    • Strung


    Product SKU(s) WRT32430U1, WRT32430U2, WRT32430U3
    Cross Section 25.3MM Diamond Edge
    Head Size 113 sq. in.
    String Pattern 16×19
    Strung Weight 275
    Length 68.5000
    $75.00 $60.00
  • wilson-milos-raonic-105

    Milos Raonic Team 105 is inspired by Milos Raonic’s racket of choice. This light weight racket has an oversized head to generate more power


    • Oversized Head
    • Perforated Grip


    • String Pattern: 16 x 19
    • Construction: Carbon Fibre
    • Head Size: 677 cm²
    • Strung Weight: 9.8 oz.
    $108.00 $88.00
  • Wilson-Milos-Raonic-Team-100

    The all-new 2015 Milos Raonic Team 100 Tennis Racket is that performance racquet like You’ve never experienced before. Designed with a more conventional hybrid feel, the TM 100 gives you the player exceptional control and spin on every serve.


    sometimes infused into bases or waxes. Adds durability/abrasion resistance while providing a smoother harder glide surface allowing smoother water run off from base providing faster speed.

    Products specification:
    Pattern 16×19
    Balance 32cm | 7pt HH
    Rec. tension 21-25kg | 45-55lbs
    Length 100″
    Strung weight 9.5oz | 269g
    Head size 645cm | 100 sq inch
    $98.00 $78.00
  • pro-staff-95s

    Wilson Pro Staff 95S Tennis Racquet

    Meet a legacy of Tennis Racquets that helped the champions you know and love get to where they are. The Wilson Pro Staff 95S Tennis Racquet is from the family that has been cherished by the games greatest icons, including Roger Federer, With the Pro Staff 95S Wilson makes sure to keep this tradition alive at every tennis court.

    The new version features a unique braided box-beam construction to make the Pro Staff stiffer and capture the essence of classic control. There is also a new braided Graphite + Kevlar construction for exceptional feel and performance. Amplifeel handle system stays in the spotlight from the previous generation to give you maximum handle sensation and for the best feel yet in a Wilson Pro Staff.

    Offering a midplus head size gives a superb feel, great response from its frame, and a more forgiving attitude than the midsize offering. This version of the Pro Staff 95 features the Spin Effect technology which opens up the string pattern to a mind-boggling 16×15. This means that spin isnt just incredibly simple to generate but it will be kicking up with the amount of rotation youll be able to put on the ball.

    The main draw to this racquet is its nature of being all about precision but dont think you wont get some pop from this stick. The racquet is quite heavy and advanced players that can handle the heft will really see where this racquet shines but many players can appreciate what it was built to do. Strokes go in the exact angle you want them to go, serves are places in the very area of the service box you envisioned it to go, and volleys are quickly finished with finesse.

    Best suited for: The Wilson Pro Staff 95S Tennis Racquet Racquet is perfect for the advanced players looking to add both pace and precision to their game while adding a massive amount of spin to the mix.

    **Available in-store and online. Ship in 1-2 days. Free shipping to Canada on orders $200 or more. Free shipping to United States on orders $250 or more.**

    $249.99 $169.99
  • Sale

    Wilson PRO STAFF 97S Tennis Racquet

    Wilson has updated Grigor Dimitrov’s racquet of choice, the Pro Staff 97S, and given it the same striking cosmetic design as the new Pro Staff 97. Its minimal matte black paint is accented nicely by glossy red on the racquet head’s 3 and 9 o’clock positions. Wilson has also slightly tweaked some of the specs on this frame. Its new 6 point head light balance means the racquet has a lower swing weight than its predecessor making for a more maneuverable and faster swinging racquet. The thin 19.5” wide box-beam remains. Meaning its classic Pro Staff look and feel also remains. The unique 18×17 Spin Effect string pattern is also back in the second generation of this racquet, so this frame still offers lots of spin potential. Those that liked the previous version are sure to love this new faster swinging version of the Pro Staff 97S. Those looking for a classic feeling racquet with lots of spin potential should also find plenty to like in this racquet.

    • Head Size: 97 sq. inches / 625 sq. cm
    • Length: 27 inches  / 68.58 cm
    • Weight: 10.9 oz / 310 g unstrung
    • Balance: 6 pts head light / 312mm unstrung
    • Swingweight: 325 strung
    • Beam width: 21.5mm / 21.5mm / 21.5mm
    • Flex: 66 RA
    • Tension Range: 50-60 lbs / 23-27 kg
    • String Pattern: 18/17
    • String: Unstrung.
    **Available in-store and online. Ship in 1-2 days. Free shipping to Canada on orders $200 or more. Free shipping to United States on orders $250 or more.**
    $249.99 $169.99

    Sensation has highly elastic nylon fibers that impart power and reduce vibrations for comfort.


    Synthetic Gut Power is a sold core nylon string with high energy wrap for durable power.

  • triumph


    The Triumph tennis racket is an oversized recreational racket perfect for a beginner player. The extra large head and length provide more power to your game.


    • V-Matrix Technology
    • Stop Shock Sleeves
    • Strung by factory.
    • Need new string, please see below option.


    Product SKU(s) WRT32130U1, WRT32130U2, WRT32130U3
    Cross Section 21MM V-matrix
    Head Size 112 sq. in.
    String Pattern 16×19
    Unstrung Balance 6 Pts HL
    Strung Weight 291
    Length 69.0000

    **Free shipping to Canada on orders $200 or more. Free shipping to United States on orders $250 or more. Click here for more info.**

    $65.00 $45.00