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  • Siboasi Tennis Ball Hopper – 42 balls

    Tennis Ball Basket is a special product, you don’t need to bend down to pick up the tennis, you only need to put the basket over the balls and press, then the balls will go inside the basket. so it can save your time for picking up balls.

    1.No need to use hand to pick up balls, no need to bend down, save time and energy.

    2.Easy to carry, easy to install and uninstall

    3.Fully made of steel, high strength structure.

    4.Top grade paint painted, adapt to all kinds of environment, no oxidation, no erosion, wears well.

    Usage: for Training
    Color: Black
    Material: Steel
    Suitable for: School, Club, Personal
    Product Name: Tennis Ball Basket Hopper
    Logo: Ss
  • Siboasi Tennis Ball Hopper and Basket with wheel

    • Do not need to bend down to pick up the balls. Only put the basket above the ball and press, the ball will go into the basket automatically.
    • It can be stand when flipping over the handle.
    • Wheels for convenient transporting
    • Made with high strength plastic, not breakable
    Capacity: 72 balls
    Basket Size: (L)36cm x (W)35cm x (H)86cm
    Net weight: 2.05kg


  • Tennis Self Trainer: Play anywhere with the Tennis Self Trainer Tool!

    Tennis Training Tool

    • Individual training with distance 4-8meters
    • You can play in 2 ways;
      1. Tied on the racket, refers the the 2nd image
      2. Use the base tool with filled water or sand, refers to 2nd image and 3rd image