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  • rs

    Wilson US Open Tennis Ball Case – 24can/case

    The Official Ball of the US Open Every September the toughest tournament in the world uses over 70,000 of the toughest tennis balls: Wilson U.S. Open balls. Since 1979, Wilson has been the only ball that has held the distinction of being the “Official Ball of the U.S. Open”. Constructed of premium high-grade wool that is woven into a thicker, denser felt, the Wilson U.S. Open tennis ball is known for its superior playability, consistency and durability.

    Note: Cases of balls do not qualify for free shipping. 


  • AERUS 3 MEN – Blue


    • Upper: Double Russel Mesh, Durable Skin Light
    • Midsole: Hyper msLite, Power Cushion+, Power Graphite Sheet
    • Outsole: Rubber
    • Colours: Black, Blue


    Yonex Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the release of its lightest badminton shoe ever.

    The POWER CUSHION AERUS 3, designed to absorb the
    impact of the intense footwork of badminton while not inhibiting a player’s movement

    Adopting Yonex’s proprietary shock-absorbing material, Power Cushion +, the AERUS 3 also features a redesigned midsole structure, further increasing shock-absorption and resilience, while remaining lighter and allowing for greater agility than ever before.

    The upper part of the shoe realizes improved fit and decreased weight by adopting a new material that combines elasticity and toughness. Additionally, weight is reduced by the upper part of the shoe being one seamless piece, eliminating the need for fabric overlap and seams.

    **Available in-store and online.Ship in 1-2 days. Free shipping to Canada on orders $200 or more. Free shipping to United States on orders $250 or more.**