AOPI-253 Badminton net - Standard Type


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AOPI professional badminton net Professional, durable, and meet the standards of the game. Bold and durable nylon thread, no hanging ball. Standard badminton net

Model: AOPI-253

Color: Jujube red

Material: Nylon Thick wire

Diameter: 1.2 mm

Net length: 6.1 meters

Net width: 0.76 meters

Mesh: 1.8cmX1.8cm

Top pull rope: nylon rope

Edge wrapping process: top nylon cloth edging. 1. A nylon rope with a diameter of 1.2 mm is used. The mesh is a 18X18mm square mesh, ensuring that the ball is not hung. 2, thick nylon cloth edge, enhance the tension of the net, increase the durability of the net. 3. Bold nylon bundled tension rope. Thick metal rivets.

Product type: Tables & Nets for Table Tennis

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