Donic Acuda Blue P1 Table Tennis Rubber


Color: Black
Thickness: 2.2mm
Sale price$46.87



  • Medium hard, the dynamic attacking version. 
  • For all out attackers a pleasure to play with, a rubber to be at ease with. The latest in sponge technology. This blue sponge with medium sized pores is softer than previous sponges, despite having a higher degree of hardness.
  • New pimple geometry: Thin long pimples with extra space between individual pimples.
  • Latest generation in top surface rubber: grippy, as with Bluefire M1 Turbo and JP 01 Turbo but with slightly flatter ball arc
  • Ball return is excellent: Maximum control, a satisfying sound and so easy to play with.
  • Fine touch suitable for every playing standard (depending on sponge thickness and degree of hardness).

  • Category: OFF+
  • Control: 7 - 
  • Speed: 10+
  • Spin: 10+++
  • Hardness: Medium+
  • Surface: Spin-Elastic

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