DONIC Spike P1 Table Tennis Rubber


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DONIC Spike P1 Table Tennis Rubber

All- purpose grain height rubber suitable for all defensive player .

"Spike P1" was developed to suit every defensive type of players, from grain collapseability to how to create change. Also, it is designed to create irregularities on the surface of larger grains, and generate intense downward rotation even with toppings and stops. With this, we have secured control power not to beat even the strong ball of the opponent.

"Spike P1" is the top player of TTC Full Damar Bartzel and was born with joint development with Wang Shi player, one of the world's leading cut man.

Category:  DEF
Control: 2 ~ 8
Speed: 3+
Hardness: Medium
Surface: Spin-Elast.
Made in Germany.

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