Victor Brave Sword 12L Badminton Racket


Weight-grip-size: 4UG6
Sale price$179.99


Victor Brave Sword 12 L stands for 12 light and not ladies. Brave sword 12L has the smallest grip size, G6. Any other specification just same as Brave Sword 12. 

The Brave Sword 12L uses new technology to reduce air resistance during a swing by 10%. The diamond-shaped design cuts through the air like a sword, vastly reducing air resistance while encouraging nimble handling. While the inner-waves technology provides more consistent and stable shots. great racket for those who are looking for a all around performance racquet.
Weight : 3U / 4U
Length : 675 mm
Balance:HH○○●○○HL (HH=Head Heavy---HL=Head Light)
Shaft Stiffness:S○○●○○F
Frame Material : Ultra high modulus graphite+Nano Resin
Shaft Material: Ultra high modulus graphite+Nano Resin +7.0 shaft

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