Victor Hypernano X 900 Badminton Racket


Weight-grip-size: 3UG5
Sale price$239.99


Hypernano Series: Powerful racket of the Hypernano Series designed for attacking players. The frame is additionally strenghened by the developed Nano Fortify TR which significantly reduces torsion during impact. Strong and precise racket for enhanced success on court.

HX-900 is equipped with NANO FORTIFY TR to build a resilient yet sturdy frame. Not only has the anti-torsion performance been improved, the attack and defense strength has also been further advanced, making HX-900 truly an ideal racket for dominate players with aggressive style.

Product Specification:

Material: Hi-Resilient Modulus Graphite + Nano Fortify TR
Headshape: isometric Weight: abt. 93 g (3U)
Grip size: G2=G5 Balance: HH Balance HL
Stiffness: S Stiffness F Max. String Ten.: abt. 14 kg/27lbs
String: unstrung Holes: 76 (stringing pattern)
Extra: Aero Diamond, Hard Cored Technology, Made in Taiwan Bag: fullsize thermobag
Length: 674 mm


 Hard Cored TechnologyAero-DiamondStrining 76 Holes

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