Wilson Pro Staff 95S Tennis Racquet

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Wilson Pro Staff 95S Tennis Racquet

Meet a legacy of Tennis Racquets that helped the champions you know and love get to where they are. The Wilson Pro Staff 95S Tennis Racquet is from the family that has been cherished by the games greatest icons, including Roger Federer, With the Pro Staff 95S Wilson makes sure to keep this tradition alive at every tennis court.

The new version features a unique braided box-beam construction to make the Pro Staff stiffer and capture the essence of classic control. There is also a new braided Graphite + Kevlar construction for exceptional feel and performance. Amplifeel handle system stays in the spotlight from the previous generation to give you maximum handle sensation and for the best feel yet in a Wilson Pro Staff.

Offering a midplus head size gives a superb feel, great response from its frame, and a more forgiving attitude than the midsize offering. This version of the Pro Staff 95 features the Spin Effect technology which opens up the string pattern to a mind-boggling 16x15. This means that spin isnt just incredibly simple to generate but it will be kicking up with the amount of rotation youll be able to put on the ball.

The main draw to this racquet is its nature of being all about precision but dont think you wont get some pop from this stick. The racquet is quite heavy and advanced players that can handle the heft will really see where this racquet shines but many players can appreciate what it was built to do. Strokes go in the exact angle you want them to go, serves are places in the very area of the service box you envisioned it to go, and volleys are quickly finished with finesse.

Best suited for: The Wilson Pro Staff 95S Tennis Racquet Racquet is perfect for the advanced players looking to add both pace and precision to their game while adding a massive amount of spin to the mix.

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