Yonex Power Cushion 56 (MENS) Badminton Shoe

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Shoe Size(U.S): US MEN: 7 – WOMEN: 8.5 = 25CM = EU 39.5
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Evolution of Power Cushion 55, this pair of Yonex shoes will bring you stability and comfort for a practice of badminton in all serenity! 

Now famous, Power Cushion technology is present on the Power Cushion 56 Men . This process drastically absorbs shocks during foot-ground impact for guaranteed play pleasure. The Sole Sole will allow you to move with a fluidity and exceptional speed.

Aware of the constraints related to the movements, Yonex equips this model of the Hexagrip Sole for a superior adhesion of 3%. The hexagonal pattern on the outsole protects you when you change direction for maximum stability. In this sense, the Ergoshape will bring you stability and comfort on the forefoot area.


Power Cushion+:

By adding a special elastic resin to POWER CUSHION, while maintaining the conventional lightweight properties, high shock absorption is realized. Grooves designed in a lattice pattern, with optimum spacing and depth, achieve further resilience.

Compared with conventional cushining material, the new POWER CUSHION+ boasts 28% more shock absorption and 62% more repulsion.

Power Graphite:

A graphite plate is inserted under the middle portion of the foot to increase stability and reduce weight within the shoe.

Toe Assist Shape:

A toe-centric design that cuts down on pressure in the big toe, as well as offering improved support at the mid-foot and heel for a stable fit. Power loss is reduced, allowing for swift footwork.

Syncro-Fit Insole:

YONEX Synchro-Fit Insole construction creates a secure contact between foot and shoe, reducing energy wastage through an improved fit.

Fig 1. Compared with conventional badminton shoes, the mid to heel section on the insole is elevated to provide an improved fit between foot and shoe.

Fig 2. By holding the heel firmly against the insole, the gap between foot and shoe is reduced, improving comfort and performance, ensuring the foot has maximum grip inside the shoe.


Round Sole:

The YONEX Round Sole is designed to provide all-around support for quick and smooth footwork. The Round Sole ensures smooth movements and transfer of maximum energy.


For agile and stable footwork, the hexagrip pattern provides 3% more grip and is 20% lighter than standard sole material.

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