Aeroplane EG1130 Black Lable Excellent Grade

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Speed: 78
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Aeroplane EG1130 Black Lable Excellent Grade

Aeroplane shuttlecock EG1130 is the top grade shuttlecocks from Aeroplane. The Aeroplane shuttlecock EG1130 is made from selected premium goose feather and top-grade materials for professional players, as well as recreational players, who want to play the best shuttlecocks that offer excellent durability, flight, consistency, and speed. Aeroplane EG1130 shuttlecock is excellent for international tournament with the flight, control and consistency expected by many professional badminton players.

"Aeroplane shuttlecock EG1130 is equal to Yonex AS-50, but has a mcuh lower price, best value for sure."

Freshest Shipment of AEROPLANE shuttlecocks guaranteed! Always in stock. 
    • Flight:A+
    • Durability:A+
    • Authenticity Guaranteed!
    • Best price Guaranteed!
    • Approved by the International Badminton Federation (I.B.F.) for international play
    • Specifically for Tournament or Advanced Club Play
    • Premium Super White Goose Feathers
    • Excellent Shuttle Control
    • Foil Lining For Thermal Protection And Easy Removal
    • Durable Under All Types of Play
    • Holographic Decal For Authenticity

To make the Areoplane EG1130 shuttlecocks more durable, please humidify all shuttlecocks 24-48 hours before usage. The foil lining could keep the humidity inside the tube for a week or more. This will help increase the life/durability of the shuttlecock by up to 50% or more.

 ***Extra shipping may apply due to over bulky and heavy properties of shuttlecocks.***

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