Donic Blues T1 Table Tennis Rubber

DonicSKU: BlueT1BK-1.9mm

Color: Black
Thickness: 1.9mm
Sale price$35.64


Donic Blues T1 Table Tennis Rubber

"That one ball".

A mistake of only one ball which lost during the game. It was somewhat lost, maybe just one point. But that one point will be the border as to win or lose as a result.
Players with less mistakes will result in the winner. This "blues T1" is a rubber that can help you become a winner.

For the seat that grips firmly and the mid-hard sponge, plus a little FD tension effect plus. Without fear of excessive momentum, firmly completing the rubber as you practice, swinging with yourself.

Category:   OFF+
Control: 6
Speed: 10
Hardness: Medium
Surface: Spin-Elast.
Made in Germany

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