DONIC Coppa X2 (Platin Soft) Table Tennis Rubber


Thickness: (1) Thickness
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DONIC Coppa X2 (Platin Soft) Table Tennis Rubber

This new COPPA X2 offers a good balance between attacking and agressive allround table tennis.
Whether one is playing close or away from the table, speed, spin and control come naturally. Speed is of course inbuilt but durability has also been increased. An added bonus is that this rubber is well suited to produce power for a strong backhand player.

Playing characteristics: Well balanced rubber offering both speed and control.

Recommended for: Power-All around, Spin, Block and Smash

Category:  ALL+ / – OFF
Control: 6+
Speed: 10-
Hardness: Medium-
Surface: Spin-Elast.

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