Head MX Attitude Pro Tennis Racquet

HeadSKU: 234311L0

Grip Size: L0 (4")
Sale price$60.03



The pre-strung ATTITUDE PRO TENNIS RACQUET is easy to handle and manoeuvre, making it a superb choice for anyone new to tennis. 

• Clean, modern design
• Easy to handle and manoeuvre for new players
• Pre-strung



METALLIX™ :Specially formulated crystalline metal alloy with a grain size 1000 times smaller than that of a typical metal creates a much stronger material. The Hall-Petch Effect states: smaller grains = stronger material. The result is a lighter, stronger and more powerful racquet.


  • Metallix™ frame
  • 16x19 string pattern
  • Head size: 645 sq cm | 100 sq in
  • Balance: 330 mm | 0.5" HL
  • Beam: 22 mm
  • Length: 685 mm | 27"
  • Weight: 270 g | 9.5 oz

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