Victor AuraSpeed 30H D badminton racket

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Victor AuraSpeed 30H D badminton racquet

Fine all-round racquet of the new Auraspeed series 2019. Minimal head-light balance paired with a medium-stiff shaft, the best conditions for a good all-round racquet. Also ideal for players who value high tension, because the Auraspeed 30H can be loaded up to a maximum of 14.5kg. The sheep is approx. 7% thinner than conventional badminton rackets and thus achieves the best aerodynamic values!  The "Nano-Tec" technology increases the internal rigidity of the frame and noticeably reduces twisting.

The "Fiber Reinforced System" improves the elasticity and control of the racket.

The VICTOR Auraspeed 30H is delivered either unstrung. For a small surcharge of € 10.00 you can have the racket strung as desired by our professionals. If you order the racket unstrung, a Victor VBS-68 string set is enclosed free of charge. A full-size bag is also included.

Specification VICTOR Auraspeed 30H:
• Balance: slightly head-light
• Flexibility: medium stiff
• Material: high modulus graphite
• Extras: Nano Tec + FRS + Ultra Thin Frame
• Frame weight: approx. 89 grams (3U)
• Handle strength G2 = G5
• Maximum tension: 14.5Kg

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